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  • Good day Church Board, I have an issue that has not been voted on by the GC in Session and I would I would like for the board to vote to move this issue up the proper channels to be addressed by the GC in Session. According to Elder, and GC President, Ted Wilson the issue of women being elected to the position of elder (which has bilateral spiritual headship over the church with the pastoral position) has never been addressed nor affirmed through a GC in Session. We now have a growing concern with regard to church unity because of this oversight and that concern is that unions and divisions within the global church don't know how to conduct themselves as a matter of conscience. Many believe that because local church governments have been given the authority to make women the spiritual head of the church that they should be allowed to also employ them to do so, which is a fair position to take because the GC in Session has never addressed the issue of headship. How do we get our church leaders to look at and address this issue?
    Quentin Styger - Oct 19 2018
  • Pray my car does not break down. It's the only way to work to provide money for my family.
    Henry Shaner - Oct 18 2018
  • Please pray for me that God would heal me from anxiety and tinnitus and take away that ringing from head completely, that I would be able to have restful sleep. Thank you for praying!
    Ausra P - Oct 17 2017
  • Please prayer for healing for my Mother who has fibrosis of the lung. God is the ultimate healer he healed the sick he raise the dead there is nothing that my God cannot do. I love my mother dearly and I would like to see her live for many many more years. I also prayer for a financial breakthrough, I have a lot of outstanding loans that need to be pay off. My husband and I mortgage payments is 3 months behind, all our credit card is max out. We need a financial breakthrough. Your prayers on our behalf would be greatly appreciated. Prayer also for all those who has the same sickness as my mom that the too will be heal
    Michelle Lee-Chong - May 27 2017
  • Please pray for God to give strength and victory in this trial. May God send His mighty angels to protect my daughter and me.
    - Jun 12 2016
  • I'm a single father I need a new job
    Henry Shaner - May 10 2016
  • Please pray for Barron as he been struggling with drug addiction. Someone shot at him but he survivedPlease pray that God protects him from harm danger death and disease. And that he accepts the everlasting gospel.
    kim . - Aug 15 2015
  • Dear servant of the most high God' receive much greetings in Jesus  name.You are a blessing to me!!! God bless your ministry as well as your website,after my  visit to your website I was real touched and blessed for what you are doing for the Lord's kingdom so please I'm interested to join hands with you to glorify Him.please pray for me and pray for our fellowships here in kenya. We are looking for amentor and also we are seeking for affiliation.God bless you hope to hear from you.yours inservice pastor Thomas
    pst.thomas okinyi - Jul 10 2015
  • Please pray for Jennel that she pulls through ..she is in critical condition at the hospital she was ran over by a drunk person....i thank you for your prayers in this time of need!!
    kim . - Nov 26 2014
  • I dream of being a doctor of medicine but to be given the right opportunity to get the education I need has been difficult. Your prayers are appreciated
    Ellen - Sep 02 2014
  • Please pray for protection and healing for my children and I. Pray those wanting to harm us will be disarmed and stopped. Please pray for a financial miracle for me. Pray God will give me understanding and mercy.
    - Mar 31 2014
  • I lost my job due to downsizing of the company I worked for. I would appreciate your prayers. Thanks!
    Rather remain anonymous - Mar 21 2014