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Health Corner

Posted on Aug 14 2019

Health Corner

With all the good eating this time of year, it is said the average weight gain can be as much as 5 pounds. To reduce this risk or prevent this extra cushion from occurring--enter--Exercise. Just like stagnant ponds breed disease so does a stagnant body. One of the best exercising now recommended is interval training. Only 30 seconds of brisk exercise followed by a resting period--whatever that may be for your body with a cycle of 6. Dr. Jonathon Gibbs, PhD researcher in Los Angeles, CA, did a study on the effects of exercise. He stated the network of the cell capillaries when exercising is opened in the body which equals the distance around planet earth. Exercise moves blood. Muscles know no age. So, get out and start getting some form of exercise...start with a daily brisk walk and get that blood moving so you do not have stagnant pond.

--Vivian Neuharth RN, BSN