Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Chapel Oaks SDA Church Shawnee, Kansas


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Church Policies

The following polices were approved by the church board. If you have a question, please contact one of the Pastors or Head Elder.
File Date Title
09-23-2017 VV Adventist Registration Information (September 2017) (with graphics) Download
09-23-2017 Verified Volunteers Registration Instructions (September 22, 2017) Download
01-14-2016 Policy Use of Photos at Chapel Oaks (January 2015) Download
09-08-2018 NAD Youth/Children Ministry Volunteer Code of Conduct 20190907 Download
04-09-2014 Mental Health Policy for Chapel Oaks SDA Church (April 9, 2014) Download
05-10-2018 Church_and_School_Volunteer_Policy_12-10-17_20180510.pdf Download
03-16-2015 Children's Ministry Safety Policy (Updated March 2015) Download
05-10-2018 CHILD_PROTECTION_20180510.pdf Download
08-19-2017 Building Use Members (August 19, 2017) Download
05-10-2018 Behavioral_Expectations_of_Convicted_Sex_20180510.pdf Download